To enhance the economy of Sweetwater County by attracting and retaining visitors.

Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism administers the Sweetwater County Lodging Tax.



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认识团队 & 董事会

Meet the Sweetwater Travel and Tourism Team - a dynamic blend of passion, 专业知识, and dedication to showcasing the allure of Sweetwater County.


Jenissa梅雷迪思 总统 & 首席执行官

作为石泉本地人, Jenissa梅雷迪思 has passionately dedicated almost 20 years of her life to promoting visitation to 岩石弹簧 and 绿河, 怀俄明, 作为总统 & 甜水县旅游公司的首席执行官. She has worked to double the local tourism marketing budget, which now helps to generate over $160 million annually in visitor spending in Sweetwater County.

During her tenure Jenissa has developed and implemented annual multi-media marketing campaigns that have been effective in increasing the leisure lodging occupancy in the county by over 20%. Jenissa has created various committees and boards including the Sweetwater County Lodging Association, 甜水县活动招募委员会, 将成千上万的游客带到这里, 和石泉 & 绿河美化委员会. She has also served on the 怀俄明 Hospitality & Travel Coalition for the past 15 years representing Sweetwater County.

最明显的是, in 2020 Jenissa spearheaded the application to the National 风景优美的小道 program that was successful in designating the Flaming Gorge - 绿河 Basin Scenic Byway as one of only 37 All-American Roads in the United States. This designation qualifies the byway for numerous funding opportunities to develop tourist amenitites.

有了这个名称, Jenissa took the opportunity to move further into tourism product development and created a much-needed local ticketed attraction with the Flaming Gorge Bus Tours. The tours launched in 2021 and have hosted over 1,000 passengers to date. Jenissa also launched sand boarding sales in 2022 to help showcase the Killpecker Sand Dunes field in Sweetwater County and will continue to develop tourism product in the future.

Additionally, Jenissa has developed and grown many programs over her tenure. 这类程序包括R.E.A.C.H. (罕见 & Exceptional Achievement for Customer Service in Hospitality) awards, recognizing front line hospitality employees in Sweetwater County, 认证旅游大使计划, 专注于优质的客户服务培训, 骄傲的怀俄明女人撤退.

While tourism is her passion, Jenissa's greatest joy comes from raising her two sons. 她喜欢和家人在一起, 看他们做运动, 探索怀俄明, 偶尔也会去海滩!


埃里森 Volcic 行业关系经理

埃里森 is the 行业关系经理 for the Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism Board. She was born and raised in 岩石弹簧 and enjoys sharing her love of Sweetwater County with others.

埃里森 has an innate knowledge of Southwest 怀俄明, 有娱乐方面的背景, 教育, 约定, 和更多的. 

在她空闲的时候, you can find her exploring the region she calls home, 制作, 在当地活动中做志愿者, 和家人共度时光.

埃里森 is an insatiable reader, finishing 300 books in the last year. 她有两个女儿,亚历克斯和悉尼.


梅根·华纳 市场营销 & 业务经理

梅根·华纳, 一个鬼马小精灵, 王寅本地, found her way to Sweetwater County nearly three years ago, accompanied by her spirited trio of young adventurers.

梅根的好奇心永无止境, 因为她是一个终身学习者, always eager to uncover new insights within this captivating region.

Her journey to her current position as 市场营销 and 业务经理 at Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism is a tale of unexpected turns. It started with her knack for creating ads and marketing campaigns in her previous role. As her path unfolded, 梅根 ventured into entrepreneurship, embarking on her own Etsy venture. It was within this pursuit that she found her genuine passion - graphic design. 被驱使去磨练她的技能, she embarked on courses encompassing graphic design, search引擎优化, 项目管理.

At the Sweetwater Travel and Tourism office 梅根 focuses her energy on social media management, 活动推广, 商品的设计, 社区事件表示, 办公室管理支持, 通讯分发.

在她空闲的时候, 梅根 wholeheartedly embraces the outdoor wonders of Sweetwater County. 野营, 钓鱼, and immersing herself in nature with her energetic boys are some of her cherished pastimes. Life may be wonderfully busy with her adventurous little companions, 但这是一个永不枯竭的灵感来源.




露西Diggins-Wold 火烈谷巴士导游

出生于纳舒厄,n.n.H., 爱达荷州立大学的毕业生, and a lover of all things "wild" 露西 moved to 怀俄明 in 1993 to work for 怀俄明 Game and Fish Department. Moving on from Game and Fish in 2020 she now guides visitors via bus tours on the Flaming Gorge-All American Road. 她喜欢野营。, 徒步旅行, 和丈夫一起钓鱼, 吉姆, 和狗, 贝利, in Flaming Gorge Country and is fascinated by the local history and nature. 露西 is a "people person" and enjoys sharing what she continues to learn about the great outdoors and the people who settled it.




黎明戴尔  火烈谷巴士导游

道恩是第四代怀俄明州人, a graduate of the University of 怀俄明 and a lover of all things 怀俄明! 道恩是一名退休教师,她, her family and her border collie love camping in Southwest 怀俄明. Dawn enjoys rides in the country looking for wildlife, gardening, and reading a good book. She likes sharing stories of outlaws during her Flaming Gorge bus tours.





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